Who we are


Kola Science Centre Publisher is a team of professionals who have been involved in publishing activity for more than 70 years. Editorial team and printing office were assembled by USSR Academy of Sciences order for its Kola Branch on March 19, 1950, and they later on merged into a print production house just so the branch could publish academic writing locally.

For over half a century, we have published a great number of scientific books, tutorials and collected articles. We are proud of Kola Encyclopedia, Neighbors — Naapurit, Aurora Borealis Photobook, Pasvik Nature Reserve Annals etc.

For now, our high quality and trusted journals are The North and the Market: Forming the Economic Order, Herald of the Kola Science Centre of RAS, Transactions of the Kola Science Centre of RAS and Fersman Scientific Session Proceedings of the Geological Institute of Kola Science Centre of RAS.

We serve Kola Science Centre institutes, Murmansk Oblast higher educational and other institutions and individuals.

We offer a wide range of editorial and printing options to fit diverse needs: literary and typesetting editing, proofreading, formatting and layout design as well as binding (hardcovers, stapled, thermal and spiral wire).

Our printing solutions are various. We can meet any printing needs (brochures, certificates, pocket folders, calendars, tags, posters etc.).

We are a member of Russian Publishers Association and International Publishers Association.



·         many years of experience

·         complete spectrum of printing services

·         paper and digital publications

·         copyright, DOI, ISSN, ISBN